Quality Control/Assurance

Vericlaim Quality – in Quantity

Any company can “claim” to offer top quality, but Vericlaim ensures it for our customers through six specific processes. These processes are based on a staffing plan that includes several dedicated quality control positions up to the highest levels, four separate quality control functions, extensive employee training and a rigorous client-based feedback and improvement cycle.

During the Claims Process

  1. Dedicated program managers
    • Coordinate roll-out and oversight of programs
    • Establish, monitor and enforce service standards
    • Approves all field invoices
    • Review detailed claim status reports – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually year-over-year
    • Intervene and respond rapidly whenever needed
    • Available to clients 24/7 by cell phone
  2. Staff-wide Quality Assurance & Quality Control Oversight
    • Measures, monitors and manages cycle time and performance standards from a national resource center
  3. Branch & Regional Oversight
    • Reviews open files randomly
    • Actively monitors workloads
    • Escalates issues

After the Claims Process – for Continuous Improvement

  1. Vice President of Quality Assurance, Reporting to the CEO
    • Conducts audits of each office and each adjuster in each office
    • Develops and implements corporate best practices
    • Creates automated methods to measure Service Level Agreement and timeliness compliance.
  2. Continuous Employee Training and Education
    • External industry seminars and classroom training
    • University-based continuing education
    • Internal mentoring and training
  3. Client Audits
    • Regularly scheduled and as-needed reviews based on client input and feedback