Overseas Travel

In our world today, people from so many countries travel to other countries just as frequently as people used to walk from store to store while shopping downtown on a Saturday afternoon in days past. However, these travels generally require the cautious and informed traveler to purchase travel insurance to cover them for the many risks involved with being away from home. Whether the risks involved are medical issues, automobile accidents, general liability exposures, lost luggage or just the need to talk to someone in their own language for advice, the servicing of the exposures that arise from these travel insurance policies are very real.

This is why Vericlaim developed its unique and highly service-oriented OTAI product line. Once an insurance company begins to write policies that are specific for its country’s tourists, then Vericlaim will develop a staff in one or both of its OTAI offices located in Los Angeles and New York to service the claims arising from those policies. This entails selecting qualified adjusters that have a high level of client service experience along with being able to fluently converse and write in the language of that country. At the current time, Vericlaim is servicing primarily Japanese policies.

Among Vericlaim’s offerings to the Insureds under these travel policies are a wide range of medical related referral services including:

  • Referrals to medical providers that speak the Insured’s language.
  • Referral of hotel-call doctors.
  • Medical interpretation of records.
  • 24-hour medical monitoring.
  • Medical bill review services to insure that the best rates are charged.
  • Coordination of funeral services and deceased transfers.

In addition, Vericlaim’s OTAI services also recognize subrogation and contribution potential through our contingency-based recovery services. We are also available to provide briefings to Insureds of the benefits that are available under their travel policies.

Because of its bi-lingual capabilities, OTAI provides investigations from around the world for all loss and claim exposures, including property, marine, automobile and general liability and numerous specialized coverages using the field services of the vrs>>adjusters network.

If you have a need for this highly service-oriented product, then just contact Vericlaim and we’ll begin the process of developing the dedicated staff and service standards needed to serve the Insureds that travel under the protection and security of your policies.