The business of the insurance industry is fairly stable and predictable until a Catastrophe occurs, and then all bets are off and everything is turned upside down. This is why Vericlaim places such a high level of importance in this product line. Catastrophe is one of the key services provided by Vericlaim which can serve our clients in so many ways by making everything right and stable again.

Vericlaim has a long history of handling all types of Catastrophes, whether they are natural or man-made. From hurricanes to earthquakes, floods to hailstorms, fires to tornadoes, freezing to collapses or liability exposures of all kinds, Vericlaim has the experience and expertise to serve the every need of our clients, whenever or wherever such services are needed.

Vericlaim has a cadre of permanent Catastrophe Adjusters which are retained to be dedicated to our major supporting clients. In addition, we can expand this select group of Catastrophe Adjusters by assembling adjusters from our office network, our international vrs>>adjusters network, and our large group of temporary Catastrophe Adjusters. Our whole trust during a Catastrophe is to match the talent that we have available with the needs and demands of the clients that we select to serve. Unlike our competitors, we do not seek out every loss from every potential client, or do we try to be everything to everybody, but instead, we only provide the Catastrophe talent that we have to the selected clients that we can best serve with this talent.

Vericlaim has made certain that we have an adequate cadre of Catastrophe Adjusters certified with respect to such requirements as California Earthquakes, National Flood, Green Risks and a number of Wind Pools.

Vericlaim trains its entire Catastrophe Team prior to the actual Catastrophes and then provides the necessary supervision and oversight from Centralized Catastrophe Offices to insure that the administrative requirements of each client are exceeded, especially as relates to Metric Management, and that the technical requirements experienced by our clients are recognized as being among the best in the industry. Our whole goal following any Catastrophe is for our clients to feel that they have partnered with someone that places them first and helps get their business back to that level of being predictable and stable again, while at the same time leaving their Insureds and Agents with a warm and secure feeling about the Insurance Company that we had the honor and privilege of representing during the Catastrophe.

When it comes to Catastrophe, you may rest assured that our Adjusters and Management will be there to provide you with the most innovative and committed services possible in order to make everything right again with the least amount of interruption to our clients’ business in as short of a time period as possible.